Impact of Social Media on the Dissemination of Erasmus+

Erasmus+ KA1


Summary of the project

Impact of social media on the dissemination of Erasmus+ is a two-stage Erasmus + project that aims to be the essential ring between NGOs and society, and their relation with social media. It is designed in the manner of activities to eliminate the flaws in project dissemination by suggesting innovative ways of managing social media platform.

There are different gaps in methods of exchanging information that obstruct nongovernmental organizations from disseminating their projects in a proper way and therefore, from getting more engagement. In parallel, most NGOs lack flexibility in communications with the audience and their disseminative actions seem obsolete while concentrating only on their projects and spending less resources on building a network which provides person-toperson communication.

Main objectives:

    • Empower NGOs to apply the knowledge to improve project dissemination practices;
    • Develop Social Media management skills;
    • Give the opportunity to become an opinion leader within a team and to teach others;
    • Expand the network of NGOs contributing to Social Media management while disseminating their projects;
    • Explore innovative ways to create content for social media networks;
    • Get familiar with useful and flexible tools to create ads;
    • Develop media communication skills among NGO and youth workers;
    • Raise awareness about civil journalism;
    • Get closer to the meaning of corporate social responsibility;
    • Explore the best ways of project dissemination;
    • Find out more about project management in Social Media;
    • Develop event planning skills;
    • Promote non-formal learning and present it as a tool for participation and development;
    • Receive the best practices from the experts during study visits;
    • Promote inter-cultural exchange, tolerance and solidarity


2nd training


    • Zsófia Bódai
    • Balázs Hegyi
    • Viktória Kovács