AMORE: Adults’ Micromachismo Reeducation

Erasmus+ KA2



Empower adult learners against everyday sexist practices through innovative identification, prevention and confrontation tools in various media and LGTBIQ+ and immigrant communities. We want to generate knowledge that contributes to the fact that the inclusion of adult women and men takes place under conditions of real equality. To achieve this, it is important that adult trainers and the adult learners themselves know where everyday sexism emanates from, learn to identify it and be able to fight it. Our aim is to give adult people innovative tools to understand their social reality from a critical perspective; that adult learners know how to identify and combat situations of inequality and everyday sexism. For this aim, it is necessary to empower adult learners. Therefore, social inclusion and empowerment are two dimensions that, to our knowledge, are intrinsically related. Our idea is to prepare ourselves to enhance both dimensions. We want to generate critical thinking among adult learners so they can be agents of social change by being speakers of equality between women and men.

Create awareness in society about the existence of everyday sexism and the importance of combating it. Through a campaign of strong and effective dissemination at the regional, national, European and international levels, we will increase awareness in the adult communities of the existence of sexist practices in everyday life and the importance of combating them. It is beneficial to carry out a transnational project, because the reproduction of discrimination and sexist attitudes among adults is worrying and exists in all parts of Europe. The experiences of each country are different and the support that adult learners receive in this area is different. All of us need to know the tools and best practices from Hungary, Spain, Italy, and Finland in this matter to be able to empower adult learners and combat everyday sexism. We are interested in doing so, following the internationalization objectives of our organizations and the spirit of a Solidarity Europe. Our project’s goals and actions also go in line with the “Gender Equality Strategy” (2020-2025), proposed by the European Commission, which key actions include: ending gender-based violence and stereotypes; ensuring equal participation and opportunities in the labour market, including equal pay; and achieving gender-balance in decision-making and politics.