Creative Rural Ideas for Young People Laboratory (RURAL LAB-Y)

Erasmus+ KA2




    • 1st meeting: 14-17th May, 2019 (Salamanca, Spain)
    • 2nd meeting: 11-14th May, 2020 (Picote, Portugal) – cancelled due to COVID-19



    • József Sipos – Plant Doctor, Farmer Sipos – Farmer Sipos Mission was taken over from “Farmer Bálint”, the 100-year-old György Bálint, by József Sipos in 2018.
    • József Sipos, Plant Doctor – The Agricultural People Award, 2019 – József Sipos is the winner of “The Agricultural People Award – 2019” in the category of Plant-Protecting. He also won the audience award of the competition. The aim of “The Agricultural People Award” is to introduce farmers, agrarian professionals to the public who are the piers of farmland and society. Group Agrotrend awards the prize to farmers who have done a lot of good to agriculture with their exceptional performance, ingenuity, purposefulness, commitment and persistence, but the aim of the prize is to recognize the public work, social responsibility and the achievement deriving from these in case of people involved in it and to raise them in front of the whole society. The patron of the competition is: István Nagy, agricultural minister
    • More information: Hatodik alkalommal hirdették ki az Év Agráremberét