REAL: Restoring, Embracing and Living a Real Life Off-line

Erasmus+ KA2


Summary of the project


The main aim of the project is to tackle negative behaviors in youngsters, who are more absent in the real world due to an excessive use of the Internet.

    • To CONNECT our experience, tools and know-how of negative behaviors on the Internet and its impacts.
    • To ENGAGE youngsters and youth workers in the identification, counteraction and prevention of negative behaviors on the Internet.
    • To EMPOWER youth communities in confronting “normal” negative behaviors.


    • Online workshop and participatory trainings in Hungary and Italy to share tools in negative behaviors, effects, detox techniques, etc.
    • Creation of the REAL Framework that will be documented in an interactive book and audiobook.
    • Course in Spain for testing the book and sharing the Framework.
    • Creation of a community to tackle negative behaviors.
    • Campaign for disseminating the project (Conferences, dissemination materials, consultation sessions, etc.).


    • Our partnership will become pioneers for possessing and sharing an innovative framework to tackle “normalized” online problematic behaviors.
    • Youth workers and youngsters will be able to identify, tackle and prevent them.
    • The community will be a safe space for people who want to look for support, share their stories about their internet behaviors (addictions), etc. Members will raise awareness to unnormalize this situation.

Duration of the project: 23 months (1st May, 2023 – 31st March, 2025)