Empowering Adults from Disadvantaged Backgrounds to Access a Job (EMPAD)

Erasmus+ KA2



Summary of the project

The objectives of the project:

    1. Development of skills for accessing a job among 80 adults from 4 disadvantaged communities, during the project.
    2. Development of digital skills in order to be included in the labor market (creating a CV, online search for a job work, participation in an online interview) among 80 adults from 4 disadvantaged communities, during the project.
    3. Increasing the working capacity and approach of 8 workers from the NGO sector for the inclusion of adults from disadvantaged backgrounds on the labor market, during the project period.
    4. Creation of a brochure with good practices for workers in the NGO sector who carry out activities with adults from the disadvantaged environment, in order to support them in the labor market inclusion process.


    • 80 adults socially and digitally capable of looking for/accessing a job.
    • 8 workers in the NGO sector, experts in the inclusion of disadvantaged adults on the labor market.
    • A brochure with good practices in the inclusion of adults on the labor market.
    • 4 more inclusive communities.

The target group of our project is represented, first of all, by 80 adults aged between 45-60 years from disadvantaged communities in Resita, Hódmezővásárhely, Požarevac, Fiumicino (20 adults/community).

The target group also includes 8 NGO workers from the 4 partner organizations (2/partner).

Besides these direct beneficiaries of our project, we will have as indirect beneficiaries the other members of the 4 disadvantaged communities from which the 80 adults come, local public institutions for employment, NGO workers from other partner organizations from the networks or partnerships of the 4 partners involved in this project, the community as a whole (by increasing the accessibility of disadvantaged communities to the labor market, the situation their economy will improve, they will no longer rely only on the social aid received from the state, so that the whole local community will have to gain).

The main needs of adults in the 4 communities targeted by the project are:

    • The need to have the necessary skills to access a job.
    • The need for adults to be aware of the learning process.
    • The need to develop certain skills required by an employer (to speak formally and coherently, to have a certain position at an interview, to interact openly, to negotiate working conditions).
    • The need to develop digital skills in order to be included in the labor market (creating a CV, searching for a job online, participating in an online interview).

These needs will be covered within the project through the local training activities that will be organized in each of the 4 partner communities. The 80 beneficiaries of the project will be trained on how to look for a job online, where to find information about job vacancies, how to present for an interview, how to create a CV and what free opportunities they have to develop professionally (free courses offered by the Agencies for Employment of the Labor Force from each region) to be able to access jobs that are qualified and better paid.


Duration of the project: 12 months (1st November, 2022 – 31st October, 2023)