SHEEPSKILLS + Agricultural Practical Training in Hungary

Leonardo da Vinci


Summary of the project

We plan to take 4 mentors from our network in the Transfer of Innovation Sheepskills project (2009-2011) to visit Hungarian sheep farmers and mentors who took part in the same Sheepskills project. We work with the learning material already produced in the project, followes be this mobility and then the last fase; distribution of lessons learned, in Iceland when they come home. Every person that goes to Hungary will have been given material to learn about the training/workshops they are about to take part in, and about Hungary: history, culture and nature.

The mobility is linked to VET in that way that the Sheepskills course “Sheeps and Sheep Farmers in Europe” that the participants take part in on and on site in Hungary with trainers there, will be accredated: with homework, preparation and the study trip (and distribution of results/reports) it will have 2 ECVET. When the participants are back home they will have presentations about the learning trip in there sheep farmers group and to follow the Agricultural University of Iceland will provide everyone how are interested possibility to participate in the course on the Sheepskills platform.

Duration of the project: 12 months (1st August, 2012 – 31st July, 2013)