CARE for Mental Youth’s Health

Erasmus+ KA2



Mental health problems affect some 84 million people across the EU (over 1/3 of people in most countries). They can have a wide-ranging devastating effects on people’s lives, even leading to suicide (1 every 40 seconds, globally).Young people, women & disadvantaged groups are considered to be most at risk. The Health at a Glance Europe 2020 report noted that COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis have exacerbated the burden of mental ill-health, as habits significantly worsened: social distancing, confinement conditions, lack of physical activities, etc. WHO states that 3 out of 4 people suffering from major depression do not receive adequate treatment and total costs of mental illness treatments are estimated at over 600 billion € in the EU. Mental health awareness is increasing around the world and especially in Europe. Our partnership would like to help prevent this burden and build a solid emotional base for young people.


    • Improve youth’s learning quality, inclusion and wellbeing by including Emotional Management tools in the training process.To achieve this objective, we will carry out 1 training course in Spain.
    • Increase involved entities’ knowledge about the Emotional Management work with specific disadvantaged target groups. To achieve this objective, we will carry out 2 participatory visits, one in Hungary and one in Poland.
    • Provide basic non-formal education tools on Emotional Management to youngsters and youth workers through the Online Platform. The Online Platform will compile information gathered during the 3 learning activities to create relevant new material. It will include practical exercises.
    • Raising awareness of the importance of Emotional Management and contributing to a high quality non-formal youth education, especially targeting its decision makers.
    • Supply other European youth workers and youngsters with new, enriched Emotional Management approaches and techniques.

To reach the project’s objectives, we set some their specific goals and expected results:

    • We will carry out training activities on techniques and approaches to foster youth’s emotional management.
    • We will carry out training activities on techniques and approaches to foster disadvantaged youngsters’ Emotional Management.
    • We will combine the knowledge acquired during the training activities to create relevant new material for the Emotional Management of disadvantaged youth and women, in an Online Platform.
    • We will consolidate the new knowledge and skills acquired by young participants by applying them, while working with the entities’ beneficiaries and communities.
    • We will carry out internal workshops to further transfer the new methodology to the rest of the staff, young people and decision makers.
    • We will carry out a strong dissemination campaign at local/regional/national and international levels and multiplier events to promote the Online Platform.

Duration of the project: 23 months (1st May, 2022 – 31st March, 2024)