Vision in Action

Erasmus+ KA1


Summary of the project

“Vision in Action” is a fully outdoors Youth Exchange organized by Social Hackers Academy in Argos (Greece) during the period 26th of August – 3rd of September including 36 participants from 7 countries (Latvia, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Portugal, Spain and Greece).

The project is based on exploring the concept of Social entrepreneurship. This is an approach in which a person develops an innovative solution, offering a product or service to tackle social issues. This approach can offer tools and opportunities for young people with aspirations, a sense of initiative and willingness to give back to their communities and lead social change.

    • Duration of the project: 12 months (30th April, 2021 – 29th April, 2022)


    • Explore potential tools and opportunities for young people in social entrepreneurship.
    • Create a space where youth from different countries can discuss topics in social entrepreneurship and create their own ideas.
    • Become more active regarding social issues and how to tackle them.
    • Promote the European Union values and break down stereotypes that there might be in other cultures



Hungarian partner

Foundation of Knowledge
János Palotás (contact person)


    • Zoltán Balogi
    • Eszter Bódai 
    • Zsófia Bódai 
    • Viktória Angéla Vajnai 
    • Balázs Marcell Varró 

Venue & date

    • Venue: Argos – Hopeland (Greece)
    • Date: 26th August – 3rd September, 2021
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