Visegrad Music United

Visegrad Fund


Aims of the project

The project is based on the idea of the four concerts in Nysa, Poland. The performers will come from the four Visegrad countries.The artists (professionals and amateurs) will perform different kinds of music, from classic to modern with some regard to their national culture. Before each concert, a “national fair” will be organized referring to the particular country (photos exhibition, souvenirs, DVD presentation, free promotional materials, national cuisine samples, etc.)

Detailed project description

The project consists of the four concerts performed by the representatives of the four Visegrad countries.
The artists (mostly musicians) will be able not only to show their abilities and draw numerous audience to the interesting performance but also to promote their national culture and art. Before each of the concerts in House of Culture in Nysa, a “national fair” will be organized with some materials regarding the particular country presented that day – photographs exhibition on the stands and walls, souvenirs, DVD presentation, a flag of the country, free promotional materials, some national cuisine samples. This will make the performance even more attractive for the spectators and introduce real cultural elements in the event. The materials for these Visegrad mini-fairs will be prepared by the performers themselves (brought from home – i.e. a music group form the Hungarian city of Hódmezővásárhely which is famous of pottery, can bring some pottery samples with them as well as other materials regarding that subject) or by volunteers and members of Ad astra Association. National cuisine samples will be prepared by a catering company.

Planned dates of concerts

Venue: Nysa, Poland