Professional Visit (M1) – Norway

EEA Grants


Summary of the project

Three colleagues go the Foundation of Knowledge (FK) take part in the professional visit.
Host institution: Norwegian University College for Agriculture and Rural Development (HLB)
Time of visit: 11-18th August, 2017

During the visit the representatives of FK get to know the educational activities, infrastructure, staff of HLB as well as tourism in Norway, its situation and challenges (as a result of lectures, consulta-tions). Besides HLB we are getting to know the role of the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Re-search (NIBIO) in tourism.

FK is going to introduce its activities, the present situation of rural tourism in Hungary (especially in the southern region of the Great Plain and Csongrád County) and give an account about the results of its visit to Iceland in summer 2017.

After introduction we are going to carry on talks with the rector and colleagues of HLB with the fur-ther possibilities of cooperation in the following areas: a) health/wellness tourism sector; b) some aspects of the sharing economy (home hosting, airbnb, etc.); c) animals and tourism; d) outdoor recreation and adventure tourism. We compare the situations in Norway and Hungary with those in Iceland. We examine the possibilities for two-or three-sided projects in the near-future in the above-mentioned areas (EEA Grants, Erasmus+ KA1, KA2: mobility, strategic partnership, etc.)

We meet the touristic key-figures of the region (South-East Norway), visit the main touristic sights, get to know the local services of rural tourism. We examine the possibilities for cooperation.

We are going to summarize the results of the project in short articles published on the website of FK and on the internet and in the local press. The results will be presented to the representatives of touristic education in Csongrád County. We are also working on the preparation of new projects.