European Bank of Memories (EBM)



Summary of the project

The project “European Bank of Memories” (E.B.M) is thought to be developed for two years with adult groups (old and young) and with the professionals who accompany them in a process of investigation, search, summary, exchange and creation of a Bank of Memories (associated to the five senses) from an intergenerational and intercultural perspective. A bank of memories will be created containing five “boxes” around the five senses: sight, hearing, tact, taste, smell. Each country participating in the project will have a section in each one of those “boxes” in order to place their different memories:

    • Visual memory: pictures of landscapes and people.
    • Auditory memory: music recordings and folklore.
    • Tactile memory: arts and crafts.
    • Gustatory memory:  flavours and traditional recipes.
    • Smell memory: aromas, plants and spices.

Mechanisms will be established to DONATE and to SPONSOR memories. Along the project TASTE of memories will be carried out at the different meetings. The ITC will be used as a means of communication and exchange, as well as a pedagogic and didactic resource along the whole process.


    • To achieve that the cultural heritage senior citizens carry (knowledge, experiences, and memories) doesn’t get lost and continue contributing to the social well-being of everybody.
    • To stimulate and recognize the great contribution of the elders, especially women, to the well-being of the different European countries and to create a feeling of European citizenship, based on the understanding and the respect to other peoples and cultures.
    • To promote channels and places of approach (meetings, social networks, platform…) between older and young people from different European countries.
    • To facilitate mechanisms of research, data collection and registration of memories (based on the 5 senses) in each participant country. -To share, respect and preserve the cultural heritage of each country through the creation of a common Bank of Memories.
    • To create a Bank of Memories and to safeguard in this way hundreds of memories, intangible treasures guarded by the memory.
    • To lay the foundations for an intercultural and intergenerational pedagogy centered in knowledge, hoarding and spreading of the cultural patrimony through memories.
    • To contribute to the educational challenge with an answer to the aging of the European population.
    • To help so that the elders (especially women) with low qualification levels and the youths acquire means to improve their knowledge and basic skills.
    • To contribute to the development of contents, services, pedagogies and practices about innovative permanent education and ITC based.
    • To facilitate the acquisition of basic skills especially among disadvantaged sectors of the population through an interactive methodology and innovative practices in permanent education based on the ITC.
    • Optimization of the solidarity between generations.

Duration of the project: 24 months (1st August, 2012 – 31st July, 2014)