Mobility Projects in Other Educational Institutions and Education Related Institutions (M3) – Iceland

EEA Grants



A study visit in order to get acquainted with the agriculture and its vocational education (especially the on-the-job tarining) of Iceland.

Main objectives of the study visit are to:

    • get acquainted with the agriculture of Iceland;
    • get acquainted with the vocational agricultural education and the dual education;
    • study the method of the on-the-job training;
    • visit Agricultural University of Iceland (AUI) and the agricultural vocational schools;
    • visit practice areas (training- and producing factories, farms);
    • perform negotiations with the hosts, create new cooperations/projects.

Besides the above mentioned, we emphasize the studying of the following special fields:

    • animal husbandry of cattle, sheep and goat,
    • horse-breeding,
    • using geothermal energy in agriculture,
    • rural tourism,
    • using ECVET in vocational education.

Professional objectives:

The most important objective for the beneficiaries is the improvement of their professional knowledge. During the planned study visit they can get acquainted with the work of the middle and higher agricultural educational institutions. They can obtain an insight into the life of these schools, get acquainted with their functional conditions, equipments and services. The visitors can gain direct experiences about the educational activities, the methods in force, the curricula, the documents and the practice areas.

An additional objective is the study of the dual education of Iceland (the students acquire the theoretical and professional knowledge in vocational schools then they get their practical education in economic entities, publicly financed institutions).

Beyond the vocational education, another main objective of the study visit is to get acquainted with the strengths of the Icelandic agriculture: animal husbandry of cattle, sheep, goat and horse, horse breeding (Icelandic horse), using geothermal energy and rural tourism.

The study made by the visitors based on the gained experiences and collected documents (educational and other materials) during the study visit should perfectly present the agriculture and agricultural vocational education of Iceland.

Besides the above mentioned, the visitors have the possibility to make relationships with the members of the visited institutions that can result in new cooperations in the future. Furthermore, the visitors will get acquainted with the Icelandic culture, the way of thinking of the inhabitants and they can improve their English.

Duration of the project: 1st September, 2014 – 31st October, 2015