Traditional Settlements, Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development

Erasmus+ KA2


Summary of the project

The ERASMUS+ Project “Traditional Settlements, Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development” refers to all the actions we could implement towards the sustainability and using the adult education tools.

In the region of Thesprotia there are: five traditional settlements, characterized as “traditional” by law, according to the Presidential Decree on Traditional Settlements 13-11-1978, (Government Gasette of Hellenic Republic, Sheet 594/ forth issue/1978). They are constructed in the 15th to the 19th century, during the Turkish occupation in Greece and they have rare aesthetical, urban and historical value. Our centre implements educational relevant educational programmes in national level since 2008.

The project targets to the education and training of the adults in order to take, in future, the initiatives which will reveal the beauty of the traditional features in every region and in the same time to create startup business in the framework of environmental sustainability. The interventions would be guided mainly by a dominant objective that rehabilitation works succeeded in valorizing and restoring to the settlement and selected buildings their original ambiance and an authentic vitality: preserving, restoring and rehabilitating buildings and building complexes, and arranging them in order to shelter tourist accommodations or other public uses (lodging, buildings of public use, community office, hand weaving workshop, museums, restaurants, olive presses, watermills etc).

The participants partners will be from several European countries and through benchmarking we will exchange good practices towards a sustainable development.

Duration of the project: 24 months (1st September, 2016 – 31st August, 2018)