Beekeeping European Environmental Sustainability (BEES)

Leonardo da Vinci


Summary of the project

he LdV TOI project overall goal is to develop a new curriculum for beekeeping in Europe, collating all the last information and research as is done on the last developments aiming at finding solutions to recently emerged problems with bees. The objectives set to realise this goal are a series of guided activities leading to collecting the best available information regarding:

    • basic knowledge on European bee races and their contribution to enviromental protection
    • European ecology and bees
    • the physiology of bee
    • bee diseases and parasites
    • ecology and roles of bees
    • aspects of health and nutrition
    • economic aspects of beekeeping in Europe: “bee” is for business
    • contributions to sustainable agricultural production and to a new experience economy
    • guidelines, best practice models in partner countries and develop these in a training programme for beekeeping

Supporting the project and these activities will be:

    • ICT, e-learning, e-collaboration, and e-commerce skills
    • dissemination and valorisation activities (seminars, courses, media activities and accreditation)
    • and develop these in a training programme for beekeeping

Duration of the project: 24 months (1st November, 2010 – 31st October, 2012)