European Youth Meets in Antandros

Erasmus+ KA1


Summary of the project

The purpose of the project is to introduce and to raise awareness on cultural heritage, resource value, art history, archeology and Antandros Ancient City with 28 young participants between the ages of 24-30 from the 7 different countries especially based on European cultural heritage. Interactive teaching and learning techniques will be applied in 6 day long activities taking place in Turkey.

The objectives we would like to achieve in the end of the project should be listed as:

    • to increase the awareness of the cultural heritage, resource value, art of history, archeology and informing participants about ancient city of Antandros;
    • to increase information of foreign languages and practices especially in English;
    • to provide an international environment around participants and to ensure intercultural learning;
    • to help participants for realizing their own qualifications in the field of intergenerational transfer of cultural heritage;
    • to inform participants about citizen of EU;
    • to inform participants about Erasmus+;
    • to encourage participants for writing a project in the field of interest;
    • to encourage participants being a project partners in the following years;
    • to inform participants about writing an action plan.

Venue: Altınoluk / Balıkesir (Turkey)
Date: 26th April – 3rd May, 2018
Information for participants


Hungarian participants

    • Erika Rideg (head of group)
    • Anna Tamara Szabó (participant)
    • Szabina Rideg (participant)
    • Barbara Kocsis (participant)
    • Johanna Flóra Robotka (participant)