Preparatory Visit (Zaragoza, Spain)




Preparation of a “Grundtvig” project

Transnational Network projects aim to assamble tools and build on European expertise and innovative approaches, improve the analysis and anticipation of skills requirements, and disseminate the outputs and results of project throughout Europe. The newtork will create a permanent association of communities, entites and experts in the development of personal skills and personal coaching using the ICT.

This network will promote and coordinate physical and virtual mobility of European experts in coaching, and will disseminate coaching tools for trainers and guidance professionals working with disadvantaged groups and works in risk of social exclusion.

During this visit the participants will prepare the project programme and distrubute role to each partner. Each partner will present his experience in his/her country, tools used and good practice

Venue: Zaragoza (Spain)
Datet: 16-19th September, 2009
Planned title: Learning to Learn: Exploring the Potentials of ICT and Coaching


    • Facultad de Servicios Sociales y del Trabajo, Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain)
    • FASE.NET – Formación y Asesores en Selección y Empleo, Zaragoza (Spain)
    • FEUZ – Fundación Empresa Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain)
    • Online Learning, Volos (Greece)
    • Work Research Institute, Oslo (Norway)
    • European Pole of Knowledge, Verona (Italy)
    • Foundation of Knowledge, Hódmezővásárhely (Hungary)
    • Vilnius Pedagogical University Institute of Professional Competence, Vilnius (Lithuania)
    • EU-RO Coaching s.r.l., Bucharest (Romania)
    • Austrian Institute for Research on Vocational Training, Vienna (Austria)



17th September, 2009

    • 09:30   Partnership presentation
    • 10:30   The project aim and results
    • 11.00   Coffee break
    • 11:30   The project aim and results
    • 13:30   Lunch
    • 15:00   Definition of the working groups and tasks
    • 16:00   Conclusion from the meeting, deadlines
    • 21:00   Dinner

18th September, 2009