Women, You Can (WYN)



Summary of the project

The project “Women, you can” – WYN – it is thought to work for 2 years with disadvantaged European women’s groups and with the professional workers who accompany them along their life learning. As a leitmotiv to achieve our objectives, a “travelling blanket” will be created, designed and produced by the own participants (each partner will produce a part, and all these parts will be joined in one piece, as a symbol of union and cooperation). It will allow us to develop and show our creativity, self-esteem and knowledge, diversity, spirit of overcoming difficulties, and it will allow us to travel, get to know and share experiences with other European women. This project intends to work with the participants from three aspects: personal context, social context and work context. WYN is a project that also involves adult institutions and professionals from education who work with women, therefore the exchange of experiences and good practices, the cooperative work and the development of innovative practices in adult education has great protagonism in this project.

To develop the project:

    • different workshops and activities will be carried out, about sexual affective education, social abilities, ICT, search and approach to local and European women associations, personal portfolio of abilities and knowledge, etc.
    • a flowing and effective communication will be settled down among all the agents implied in the project through a communication platform created specifically for the project, and with an idea of future maintenance
    • didactic materials will be designed and put into practice
    • mutual knowledge of implied people and “live”exchange of professional and personal experiences will be promoted

Duration of the project: 24 months (1st August, 2010 – 31st July, 2012)