Sheep Production in Iceland and Denmark (SHEEP/STUDY)

Leonardo da Vinci


Summary of the project

The aim of this project is to introduce the participating vocational school teachers through study visits to the following:

    • the characteristics of the Icelandic and Danish sheep keeping and sheep breeding
    • the operation of the agricultural vocational institutions of the two countries
    • the educational infrastructure of vocational schools
    • their education materials and methods
    • human resources needs of the education

Contents of the foreign exchange programme: During the programme, we are organizing a study trip lasting two weeks (one week in Iceland and one week in Denmark). Both visits consist of the following elements:

    • meeting with the leaders of the host organizations, negotiations on the present and future collaboration
    • getting acquainted with the work of the host organizations
    • attending professional courses, consultations, presentations about sheep keeping and sheep breeding, the system, and the method of the vocational eduction, etc.
    • visiting vocational schools, sheep farms, training farms

Duration of the project: 12 months (1st October, 2010 – 30th September, 2011)