Professional Visit (M1) – Norway

EEA Grants



3 persons took part on the professional visit between 11-18th August, 2017:

    • János Palotás
    • Dr. Imre Mucsi
    • Dr. József Gál

Programme of the professional visit

11th August, 2017

    • Travel: Budapest – Bergen (arr.: 20:50)
    • Accommodation: Bergen

12th August, 2017

    • Travel: Bergen – Stavanger
    • Accommodation: Stavanger (during the entire visit)

13th August, 2017

14th August, 2017

    • Arrival to Norwegian University College for Agriculture and Rural Developmentbe (HLB), meeting the rector (Dag Jørund Lønning) and the contact person of the project (Rhys Evans)
    • Presentations: introduction of HLB and Foundation of Knowledge (FK) (Dag Jørund Lønning and János Palotás)
    • Report about the professional visit of FK to Iceland between 28th May – 3rd May, 2017 (János Palotás)
    • Discussion: Urban dreams – rural markets (understanding growing demand for rural toirism) (Rhys Evans, all)

15th August, 2017

    • Discussion: Felleskapturisme (Community Based Tourism) with examples from Norway and Scotland (Dag Jørund Lønning, all)
    • Working group: Training and education need to support tourism (Rhys Evans, all)

16th August, 2017

17th August, 2017

18th August, 2017

    • Travel: Stavanger – Bergen Airport
    • Travel: Bergen – Budapest (dep.: 21:20)

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