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Erasmus+ KA1


Summary of the project

The aim of our project is to give support ecotourism efforts in Milas and motivate both local people and participants from other countries on ecotourism through new, applicable, creative, sustainable tourism. We would like to inspire both locals and participants according to the benefits of ecotourism trying to let them aware the disadvantages or destroying effects of mass tourism which will give long term destruction to the environment. And we will make them realise if we continue like that future generations will face dreadful results. Therefore our project on the theme of ecotourism will take place in Milas, the town of Muğla who is the leader city of tourism in Turkey. We are aiming at raising awareness of ecotourism in both our town and all around Europe besides the world.

Venue: Muğla / Milas (Turkey)
Date: 6-14th September, 2015
Participants: 6 persons – 6 NGOs – from 6 countries
Information for participants


Hungarian partner: Foundation of Knowledge

    • János Palotás (contact person)
    • György Barna (participant)
    • Csaba Fábián (participant)
    • Csilla Pálma Major (participant)
    • Judit Molnár (participant)
    • Tímea Szűcs (participant)
    • Anita Tregova (participant)