Study of Library Services of Vocational Schools

Leonardo da Vinci


Summary of the project

Aim of the project is to introduce the participating vocational school librarians through study visits to the following:

    • the library system of Spain and Italy
    • the library services of these two countries (included vocational schools)
    • their information technology infrastructure
    • their human resources needs
    • and their trainings offerd for library users (readers)

Contents of the foreign exchange programme:During the programme, we are organizing two study trips lasting one and one week (one week in Spain and one week in Italy). Both visits consist of the following elements:

    • attending meetings with the leaders of the host organizations, negotiations on the present and future collaborations
    • getting acquainted with the work of the host organizations (libraries)
    • attending professional courses, consultations, presentations about the library and information technology services and library users’ education
    • visiting vocational school and other librtaries

Duration of the project: 12 months (1st June, 2009 – 31st May, 2010)