Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Erasmus+ KA1


Summary of the project

The aim of the seminar is to seek new roles for NGOs in the context of the dissemination and promotion of active and healthy lifestyle, the gain (or develop) the fashion for such behavior, providing young people with information (in the range of healthy eating habits and the need for physical activity into everyday life) spreading good practice, combining the results of the projects and participate in seminars with the obvious goal of increasing the pool of partners for future cooperation, develop networks and as a end result reliable, international cooperation organizations at various levels.

After this project, we expect to:

    • promote active citizenship among young people we work with;
    • the development of solidarity, tolerance and mutual understanding among young people from different countries;
    • overcoming distrust of cultural differences and individual differences;
    • the creation of new partnerships and networks to strengthen and deepen cooperation with existing partners;
    • exchange of good practices,
    • know the ways and methods of activating youth groups,
    • sharing the results of the project worked out with the local community in their countries, in circles close to the activities of individual organizations and for this purpose we will use a variety of tools: television, magazines, radio, Internet, talks,
    • publicity of the effects of our research and thoughts as well known and proven methods in school environments (which mostly based partner organizations).

Participants: 36 persons – 14 NGOs – from 10 countries
Venue: Gdansk (Poland)
Date: 23-31st May, 2015


Hungarian partner: Foundation of Knowledge