Qualification of Vocational Education and Skill Training for Aquaculture in Europe (FISHFARM)

Leonardo da Vinci





Teaching materials

Further education

1st October, 2014

    • János Sztanó: Harmonizing the triple function of the fish pond system and handling its conflicts
    • János Palotás: Introduction of the FISHFARM project

8th October, 2014

    • János Ladányi: Efficiency of fish production and cost sensitivity
    • Dr. Imre Mucsi: Fish diseases I.

14th October 2014

    • György Lódi: Food safety system at SZEGEDFISH Ltd.
    • Dr. Imre Mucsi: Fish diseases I.

22nd October, 2014

    • János Csinos: Introduction of the production technology and its actual alterations
    • János Palotás: Introduction of the e-learning platform of the FISHFARM project

Venue: SZEGEDFISH Agricultural Production and Service Ltd. (41. Külterület, 6728 Szeged, Hungary)

E-books (Hungarian, English, Turkish, Italian)