Conscious Use of Natural Resources (CONATURE)

Erasmus+ KA2


Summary of the project

Each of the world historic period introduces different values, attitudes and perspectives. Pre-communist area was characterized by the extensive agricultural and forest management when acquiring vocational skills and competences belonged to the obvious and self-acting processes how to naturally master working activity. Humans esteemed local or regional natural resources as the most valuable and life-giving. The knowledge management was transferred to the descendants within the direct face-to-face working processes, who were later forced to leave the vocational development within oncoming historic periods, such as communism or global economy market trend pressures that caused irreparable harms to allow the vocations to have vanished.

The key objective of the Cautious Use of Natural Resources is to develop such innovative tools with the support of digital technologies that enable the participants to acquire vocational skills and competences in the field of Environment & Organic Farming that will apply and exploit in their proficiency. Such new generation being experienced within the direct working process will be able in a more effortless way to transfer knowledge management to other descendants. Within the project implementation other objectives will be achieved, such as enhancement of intergenerational education, voluntarism, social cohesion, in/direct nature protection, preservation of Cultural Heritage interpretation, promotion of EU citizenship and values.

Within the direct project activities there will be supported 108 participants from EU funding and in the indirect way around 3,500 participants during the dissemination process.

During the two-year project implementation there will produced a training manual and a training programme on Environment & Organic Farming consisting of a direct and virtual training processes combination, such as practical activities, sharing best practices on the one hand and e-learning form including up-to-date digital tools on the other hand. Last, but not least a web application on the environment and organic farming activities net will be launched where the oncoming participants will be able to acquire practically vocational knowledge in the proficiencies they need. To achieve the results there will be implemented the methodology based on project team meetings on the international level, development and validation of innovative outputs, training program of blended mobility, tools to be determined for project results disseminations. The project results all the partner´s organizations achieve within collaborative works will enable other oncoming participant to benefit from in the form of direct participation in the training program or acquiring the vocational knowledge, skills within practical and on-line activities or experience within the activities they are prepared by other farmers.

Duration of the project: 24 months (1st September, 2017 – 31st August, 2019)