Women, You Can (WYN)

Courses – lectures

ICT courses – 20-20 hours (17th January – 15th February, 2011)

  • Two courses: beginner and advanced level
  • Teacher: Judit Szepesi (ICT librarian)

Healthy day for women (17th March, 2011)

  • What can we do for our physical and spiritual health?
  • Speakers: Ildikó Hrutka (yoga teacher), Katalin Faragó (medical masseur), Mónika Budai, Judit Trungel (naturopaths), Nelli Laskai (blogger)

2011 is the Year of European Volunteering (21st April, 2011)

  • What are the benefits of voluntary work?
  • How and what skills can we develop?
  • Speaker: Tibor Horváth (head of the Hódmezővásárhely Voluntary Point)

Filmclub (20th May, 2011)

  • Eat, pray, love – movie watching in the library
  • Theme: How can we find ourselves?
  • Speaker: Edit Szénási (librarian, mental hygienist)

Handicraft work (2nd & 9th June, 2011)

  • Summer rope and fairy making
  • Held by Krisztina Nyerges (artificer)

Practical knowledge (5th September, 2011)

Learning for the knowledge (6th October, 2011)

  • How can we use the ICT tools?
  • Speaker: Éva Rákos (IT librarian)

Business development (7th November, 2011)

  • Introducing of the Chamber of Industry (Szeged) and Enterprise Europe Network (Szeged)
  • Data of public utility in the library
  • Speakers: Eszter Körmöczi, Edina Tanács, Judit Szepesi (IT librarian)

To be employed, – but how? (18th January, 2012)

  • Introducing the Chamber of Industry of Csongrád County
  • Dr. Károly Horváth: Firm establishment and modification (environmental and legal background of the business)
  • Teréz Staberecz Tímár: Financial and accounting advice for beginner entrepreneurs
  • Júlia Tóth D.: The role of marketing in starting of a successful business

Do your future! Self-knowledge for women (23rd February, 2012)

  • Self-knowledge training for women and their families
  • Aim: to be aware of their skills, thus supporting their chance to get a job
  • Trainer: Beáta Banga (life & business coach)

European Union workshop (12th March, 2012)

  • Working in the European Union
  • Speaker: Tímea Bíró, EURES – European Job Mobility (EURES-adviser)
  • The “Lifelong Learning Programme” and the related tender opportunities
  • Speaker: Valéria Hajdú Csóti, Tempus Public Foundation (customer service representative)

Neighbourhood volunteer training – 24 hours (24-27th April, 2012)

  • General information on volunteering
  • Neighbourhood volunteering
  • Trainers: Lászlóné Kósa, Krisztina Tóth, Éva Kapus Tatár (Talentum Foundation)

Filmclub (18th May, 2012)

  • Chocolate – Movie watching in the library
  • Theme: Talking about sexual freedom
  • Speaker:  Edit Szénási (librarian, mental hygienist)