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Visegrad National Music Portraits

Aims of the Project

The project’ main objective is to create musical portraits of the four Visegrad nations in order to promote national cultures and musical heritage as well as to involve professional and amatour artists into high-level cultural events.
The project consists of a set of concerts in Nysa, Poland (four concerts altogether) by individual artists and musical groups who will perform with a repertoire of the Slovakian, Polish, Hungarian and Czech national music (mostly classics or regional composers).

Detailed project description
Each nation can boast great musicians, whose works are famous all over the world.
Musicians (individual artists as well as groups – symphonic orchestras, chamber orchestras) from the four Visegrad countries will participate in a set of concerts and present their national composers creating unique musical portraits of the four neighbouring nations.
There will be workshops organized before each concert so that amateur artists from the four countries (mostly students of the music school as the participation in the festival will require very good command of the musical instrument) will be able to learn from the professionals and the latter ones will share their experiences and make their national music closer to the wider group of young artists.

Planned dates of the concerts::

Venue: Nysa, Poland

Map (Partners & Locations)