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Preparatory Visit (Hvanneyri, Izland)

The aim of the visit Foundation of Knowledge intends to tender for the proposal of the „Teacher and staff mobility projects in other educational institutions/education related institutions” of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 Scholarship Programme in the beginning of 2015. The objective of the tender: organizing a study visit in order to get acquainted with the agriculture and the agricultural vocational education of Iceland, especially the on-the-job-training. Priorities of the planned mobility project:

  • getting acquainted with the general situation of the agriculture of Iceland;
  • getting acquainted with the vocational education in the secondary schools and in the higher education;
  • getting to know the position of the on-the-job training in the education;
  • visiting the Agricultural University of Iceland and other agricultural vocational school(s);
  • visiting practice areas (training factories, production factories, farms);
  • negotiations with the hosts, making new cooperations, preparation of new projects (Erasmus+).

We emphasize the studying of the following special fields:

  • cattle-, sheep- and goat husbandry;
  • horse breeding, horse racing;
  • outdoor animal husbandry;
  • forage farming;
  • rotational grazing;
  • environmental protection;
  • using geothermal energy in the agriculture;
  • wool processing;
  • rural tourism;
  • using ECVET in the vocational education.

The aim of the preparatory visit:

  • framing the professional program of the 10 days study visit, taking into consideration the above mentioned;
  • negotiations about the programme of the teachers from Iceland in Hungary;
  • meeting with the key people of the planned project;
  • visiting the university, vocational schools, practice areas that are participating in the programme;
  • agreement of the technical details of the planned project (tasks, deadlines, responsible people).


Location: Hvanneyri (Izland) Date: 12-16th August, 2014 Participants

  • Foundation of Knowledge: János Palotás, Dr. Imre Mucsi
  • Agricultural University of Iceland: Ragnhildur Sigurðardóttir, Þorbjörg Valdís Kristjánsdóttir, Theodóra Ragnarsdóttir

Programme 12th August, 2014

  • Arrival

13th August, 2014 Hosts: Ragnhildur Sigurðardóttir lecturer, Þorbjörg V. Kristjánsdóttir international coordinator, Theodóra Ragnarsdóttir financial officer

  • Visit to Bjarteyjarsandur agricultural turism and sheep farm
  • Itroduction of rural tourism activities at the farm
  • Introduction of sheep farming at the farm
  • Meeting: a) introduction of activities of AUI and Foundation of Knowledge; b) intoducing the AUI infrastructure; c) introduction of Hungarian and Icelandic agriculture, rural development and agricultural vocational education; d) presentation of the objectives of the planned study tour; e) presentation of the participants of the study trip; f) compilation of the study visit programme
  • Meeting with Björn Þorsteinsson rector
  • Visit to the farms in Borgarfjörður where the students take part of their training: Hestur (sheepfarm), Miðfossar (horses), Grímshagi (cows), goat farm at Háafel, wool and handcraft (Ullarselið)

14th August, 2014

  • Drive to Hveragerði
  • Visit to horse show / horse farms: a) Eldhestar, b) Fákasel
  • Meeting at the Agricultural Universtity of Reykir, meetings with teachers
  • Discussion about environmental protection and using geothermal energy in agriculture
  • Discussion about the using of ECVET in vocational education
  • Discussion about animal welfare and rural turism, their role in Icelandic agriculture
  • Intoducing the AUI in Reykir infrastructure

15th August, 2014

16th August, 2014

  • Departure

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